Our Catalogue of Hardware for Shutters

If you are looking for accessories for your shutters and window blinds, the Ci.F.All. is right for you. Our history is that of a small craftsmanship begun 40 years ago, which has evolved into an industrial key thanks to the constant search for technological innovation and respect for old working techniques.

In this section you will find all kinds of solutions, both for repair and maintenance. But above all, you will be advised on how to secure all the accesses of your home. In fact, you can go through a wide range of articles dedicated to the safety and security of your home. The wide variety of our ;shutter and shutter accessories is guaranteed by the careful selection of the raw materials and by the powder coating process, done with specific powders to withstand weathering.

The components that belong to this section are all of our production and the hardware that is being offered is all guaranteed. Our accessories offer high resistance, durability and easy assembly. In addition, all our hardware products for shutters and window blinds are made of aluminum alloy at 80%, an high quality and extremely durable material. This category, dedicated to the blind and shutter accessories, includes hinges, which represent a security to hold the shutters and meet the demands of style and robustness required by industry specialists.

The range continues with hatch hinges and hinges of various types, shutter rods, closing limiters, locks and the "Giroblock", an anti-theft system, effective to increase the safety of the window blinds. All these accessories are made of a high quality aluminum alloy and, thanks to the refined design, are a reference point for the market.